[about Andrew K]

Film composer Andrew Keresztes credits his mastery of different musical styles to his international upbringing and musical training. Learning to play the piano and guitar while growing up in Switzerland and Brazil, he was influenced by a tremendous range of musical styles that can be heard in his compositions today. Formally trained in arranging and orchestration, Andrew began composing music for television commercials in Boston and it wasn’t long before his love for scoring-to-picture prompted him to move to Los Angeles in 1991.

His musical career has included scoring movies, television shows, animated features and series, commercials and songwriting.

His command of technology combined with his traditional training gives Andrew’s compositions a compelling drive and sound ranging from dramatic to comedic and orchestral to “techno”. He has been commissioned by clients like ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX as well as Columbia Tri-Star, Lions Gate, HBO and Disney — to name a few.

Andrew’s greatest scoring strengths are his sensitivity to the picture and his ability to compose strong themes that become an integral part of the viewing experience.